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A New Fiscal Year, a Renewed Commitment to Quality Mentoring

Today’s post comes courtesy of Friends For Youth’s Mentoring Services Recruitment Coordinator Jonathan Cowgill. To learn more about Friends For Youth, click here to visit their website.

Friends for Youth is excited to start its new fiscal year on April 1! The 2012-2013 year is ending very strongly. We made 9 matches in February and are on track for another 9 this month! With such powerful momentum, we hope to make many more matches to start our new fiscal year.

A new year means a renewed focus on providing the best mentoring experiences for the youth we serve and the volunteers we support. We’ve dreamt up a lot of exciting activities for the year, some old standards and others brand new. One activity area we’re focusing on is art and music, so we will be featuring many group opportunities to attend museums, music performances and theatre productions.

As always, the paramount focus of the Mentoring Services Department will be to make the highest quality matches for the youth who need them most. We will continue to strive to recruit, screen and train the best volunteer mentors in the bay area.