National Mentoring Month

For us members of the mentoring community, January a.k.a. National Mentoring Month is a pretty hectic time of the year. It’s the one month of the year we beef up our efforts to help spread the word about mentoring and all the positives it entails for both mentors and mentees. Some important dates to mark on your calendar are:

  • January 10th (Tomorrow!) – I Am A Mentor Day on Social Media; a day when anyone who is a mentor or supporter of mentoring is encouraged to use their social media outlets to promote mentoring. Change your profile pics to this web badge and have your mentors share their experiences with your program to their followers, friends, etc.
  • January 17th – Thank Your Mentor Day; a day where anyone who’s ever had a mentor should take the time to give their mentor a shout-out and express their gratitude to them for the positive impact he or she has had on their life
  • January 21st – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; Celebrate the giving spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr. by finding a way to give back to your community.

While these are the big dates of National Mentoring Month to keep in mind, take advantage of the heightened national exposure the mentoring community receives during this time of year and be sure to tell all your friends and family that mentoring works.

Happy National Mentoring Month!


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